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Deadly Crossing (2011) DVDRiP XViD

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Seagal plays Elijah Kane (Gotta love that name),leader of an undercover law enforcement operation based in Seattle, Washington; the SIU.This is a crime drama focusing on murder and drugs. The movie starts out with the brutal shotgun murders of the owners (a man and woman) of a grocery store outside Seattle Washington. Directly afterward, the beginning credits appear to a catchy song I kinda liked (Is that Seagal singing?) accompanied by music video-style preview snippets of the movie.

After the introduction of a new female recruit to Elijah's SIU team, the movie gets rolling with a drug buy & bust involving a small time drug peddler who later on makes a deal to give up his contact (as they usually do, it seems) in exchange for leniency. In turn, his contact (or supplier), a hard case named Crystal who works in a strip club, rats out her supplier, a man named Domion, leader of a rag-tag bunch camping out on the outskirts of town. A Russian connection is later discovered, the principal of which is a man named Nikoli. He and his operation becomes the focus for the last half of the film. Concurrent with all of this --and connected-- is the ongoing and developing investigation of the murdered shopkeepers that occurred at the top of the movie.

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Subtitles Deadly Crossing (2011) DVDRiP XViD

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